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Adjustable Vest Pet Harness

Adjustable Vest Pet Harness

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Introducing Our Adjustable Vest Pet Harness: Comfort, Safety, and Style Combined!

Embark on unforgettable adventures with your furry companion while ensuring their safety, comfort, and style with our Adjustable Vest Pet Harness. Crafted with care from soft, breathable polyester mesh material, this harness is the epitome of comfort, making walks a joy for both you and your pet.

Why Choose Our Harness?

Comfort First: Engineered with your pet's comfort in mind, our vest harness is crafted from soft, breathable polyester mesh material, reducing pulls and ensuring a pleasant walking experience for your furry friend.

Tailored Fit: With two adjustable buckles, you can customize the fit to suit your pet's unique size and shape, providing a snug and secure hold without any discomfort.

Enhanced Safety: Featuring reflective piping, our harness enhances visibility in low-light conditions, ensuring your pet stays safe and visible during evening strolls or early morning adventures.

Stylish Variety: Available in a range of vibrant colors including Blue, Black, Red, Green, Pink, Rose red, and Orange, our harness adds a touch of personality to your pet's wardrobe, allowing them to strut their stuff in style.

Product Details:

  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Type: Dog Harness
  • Collar Type: Head Collars
  • Suitable for: Dogs, Cats, Pet Shop
  • Color Options: Blue, Black, Red, Green, Pink, Rose red, Orange
  • Rope Size: 1.2m x 1.5cm
  • Weight: 55g

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Adjustable Vest Pet Harness

Elevate your pet's walking experience with our Adjustable Vest Pet Harness. Whether you're exploring the neighborhood streets or hiking through the great outdoors, rest assured that your furry friend is safe, comfortable, and stylishly adorned. Unleash the joy of walking today!

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